‘Brainstorm your thoughts on this sugar paper, and then I’ll tell you what I’ve already decided we’re going to do.’


To be honest, this wasn’t originally going to be the title of my next post, but I couldn’t resist it after seeing on Twitter @MrHistoire in reply to a humorous cartoon posted by @DavidDidau.It explains why I’ve come round to a particular view of how to chair working parties and meetings.

I remember the first school working party I ever joined. The idea was to come up with a new homework policy. The chairman, a man of strong views and convictions, had obviously read the relevant section in the good management guide and asked us one by one to contribute our ideas. As we went round the table, I could see that the chairman was becoming increasingly dissatisfied. The first comment elicited a slight tightening of the lips, followed by a “Hmm.” By the time the third person gave their views, the tightening of the lips was becoming a frown…

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