From whippersnapper to joyful scholar: the missing link in early primary education

The Quirky Teacher

This is an attempt to pull together various ideas and thoughts about teaching and learning in the Far East. The reason I feel compelled to nail my colours to the mast is because something struck home when I read Hirsch’s most recent book about the importance of a knowledge-based curriculum for helping the most disadvantaged children. He said that disadvantaged children didn’t have that extra vocabulary and general knowledge-augmenting curriculum which is ‘taught’ at home, and as a result they were held back by their own inability to communicate and understand, which then inhibited further learning opportunities. I also think there are other important ways that advantaged children get a leg-up; basically, advantaged children are also given training at home in acquiring a scholarly disposition. Surely, if we want to give disadvantaged children the same opportunities in life, we need to not only give them vocabulary, knowledge and the means to…

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