The Technological Revolution

The Grumpy Teacher

Revolutions often involve unlikely alliances, and they don’t usually last. What they have in common is their desire to overthrow the status quo, and once the status quo has been dismantled there’s nothing to keep the alliance together.

This sometimes happens as Emmanuel Goldstein outlines in The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism, with the Middle enlisting the Low to overthrow the High. That’s not a terrible way to look at the French Revolution, after all. On the other hand the English Revolution was rather different: Parliament, the Army and the Scots combined to fight Charles I. In both cases, though, a reckoning, with the revolutionaries turning on each other, followed the fall of the monarch.

And it might happen with the educational revolutionaries too.

Two very different groups are currently united around the proposition that technology can and will transform education.

There are those for whom technology will…

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