Did you know that children in the Far East have more playtime?

The Quirky Teacher

If you didn’t, then I recommend you read on! This blog post is an attempt to distill the main messages of a book titled ‘The Learning Gap‘ which was written by two researchers called Harold Stevenson and James Stigler. The reason I read this book was because ED Hirsch mentioned these researchers and their work in documenting and analysing teaching and learning in the Far East, so I naturally followed the trail. Their book is a summation of observations and analyses over many years, involving thousands of children and thousands of hours of lessons in elementary schools in Japan, Taiwan and China and compared to typical American education; it’s taken me a long time to read and it’s been one heck of a journey for me because it is so full of fascinating detail! I’ve attempted to summarise my notes into a few key points in order to then write about how their insight…

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