Peer Marking

The Grumpy Teacher

This appears to be, if not a big deal, at least a medium-sized deal.

I have only ever used peer marking in two contexts.

One is for short-answer tests, which take a maximum of a quarter of an hour at the beginning of a lesson to sit, to swap papers, to tick or cross and annotate, and to tell me the results. The immediate correction of misunderstandings and misconceptions, and the (admittedly occasionally irritating) discussions about what does and what does not deserve to be awarded a mark, or a half-mark, which can be illuminating both for me and for the pupils, seems to me to be worth their missing out on me being the one to mark their work.

(I am enough of a monster that yes, I read out names and ask for that individual to announce his mark. No, this isn’t a deliberate attempt to humiliate the…

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