When to Just Tell Them

Teaching it Real

I have observed the scene below, or at least ones like it, on occasions too numerous to mention.

Teacher: Today we are looking at Ghana. Does anyone know the name of the capital city? (hands shoot up). No, no hands I’ll chose someone at random (starts overly complex random name generator). Mia! What is the capital of Ghana?

Mia: I don’t know.

Teacher: Oh… OK, Who can help Mia?

Tom: London?

Teacher: No. London isn’t the capital of Ghana. Its the capital of the UK.

Mia: I thought London was the capital of England?

Teacher: (Starts unplanned and somewhat confused explanation of the structure of the UK with a slight tangent to Scottish independence debate).

Teacher: Anyway – where were we? That’s right. Whats the capital of Ghana?

Lucy: Nairobi?

Teacher: Close!

Lucy: Ummmm…. Bairobi?

Teacher: No. I mean it is closer to Ghana. Nairobi is the capital of Kenya.

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