What is Leadership?

To Miss with Love

leader-clipart-leadership-clipart-picture.jpgMy top three characteristics that I believe are absolutely crucial for excellent leadership are below. Clearly not everyone will agree with me. This is just my opinion.

Teachers lead their pupils in their classrooms and the best of them have these 3 qualities. SLT lead in their schools as do middle managers. Again, the best of them will have these 3 characteristics.


Having a clear vision about which you are passionate. Every leader says they have a vision. But do they? If they cannot say what distinguishes their organisation or classroom from most others in a few sentences, then I’m not sure they have one. They should have a USP.

If you are just doing what everyone else is doing, then something is seriously wrong, especially when the British education system is in such desperate need of a revolution.

And remember, no vision ever has bureaucratic tasks attached to…

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