Monbiot rant

A Chemical Orthodoxy

Below is an unmitigated rant that I wrote on Facebook in response to George Monbiot’s Guardian article. It isn’t they type of thing that I would usually use this blog for so if you’re looking for calm and reasoned analysis of some aspect of science teaching this is not for you. But someone on twitter asked to see it so I thought this would be the easiest place to share it. Whilst you’re here feel free to check out my other stuff…It’s a bit less…angry…


A lot of people have been sharing this post. It is important that you realise it is utter polemical hogwash, devoid of any basis in cognitive science, educational reality in this country, or social insight.

There are plenty of things to mourn about our current education system. Nothing in this article fits that category.

Below is a detailed take down of Monbiot’s polemic. Something…

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