Making Good Progress?

Reflections on schools, teaching and education.

My favourite passage in Daisy Christodoulou’s Making Good Progress is this one, in which she reveals the flaws in a ‘catch-all’ assessment model which uses a single scale to measure progress in each subject:

making-good-progress“The best analogy for this kind of measurement is measuring height.  You can use the same tape measure and the same scale to measure a 4 year old as you can a 16 year old. The method stays the same even as the child grows. You can also use the same scale to measure progress over time and, if you have a tape measure with small enough divisions, you can measure progress over quite short periods of time.  This was ultimately why people started using grades in every lesson and why the desire for subgrades and sublevels came about: people saw them as the millimetres and centimetres that made up the metres of progress.  And, if…

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