Behaviour Nazis

Georges Simplon

Let’s compare education professionals with Nazis!

The Nazis demanded total compliance without question.  Strict teachers demand total compliance without question.  Do the math!

The Nazis wanted order.  Strict teachers want order. Do the math!

The Nazis wanted to create a “better” society.  Strict teachers want to create a better society.  Do the math!

The Nazis killed and tortured people who challenged their authority.  Strict teachers ask students who challenge their authority to stay behind after school for half an hour.  It’s exactly the same thing!

The Nazis wanted the extermination of the Jews.  Strict teachers want students to know true things about their world and understand how it works.  Yeah!

The Nazis wanted acceptance of and dedication to their world view. Good teachers want students to think for themselves and develop their own considered and balanced opinions…

I could go on.  Obviously this is about the Michaela advert for a…

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