Standing on the shoulders of giants

No Easy Answers

I took a couple of Philosophy modules in my first year of university. I was frustrated that I couldn’t write essays just based on my opinions. It’s taken me some time to realise that any decent idea I’ve ever had has been thought before, and with more clarity and better arguments.

After being on Twitter and working in an excellent department for some time now, I’ve gleaned enough good ideas to put forward some thoughts for teaching maths from KS3 to KS5.

1. Keep it simple. I think a good set of textbooks, traditional teaching, regular testing and preparing well for exams will lead to good outcomes for any school.

2. The biggest impact on results is out of control of a maths department, it is a strong whole-school behaviour policy.

I am fortunate in that the school I work in is exemplarary in this respect. The school’s systems including…

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