Peak Special Needs

The Grumpy Teacher

Most of us, I expect, approve of reasonable accommodations being made to enable pupils with disabilities to access the public examination system. If, for instance, there are people who think that visually-impaired pupils should not be given documents in bigger and bolder print than their classmates, I haven’t come across them.

Similarly, I think most people tend to have a point at which they will raise their eyebrows and wonder if such-and-such a diagnosis really deserves to bring with it the opportunity of 25% extra time.

Are we, those of us who doubt that Oppositional Defiance Disorder really deserves to ‘count’ as a Special Educational Need, monsters? I’m sure there are some who think we are, and who have persuaded themselves that they are part of a very select few who constitute the only people who truly understand, the only people who really care. These are the people for whom…

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