Making good progress? A primary teacher’s perspective.

The Quirky Teacher

This blog post discusses Daisy Christodoulou’s new book about assessment for learning; I hope that my description and reflection below eventually leads to more teachers choosing to read the book as well as a general spreading-of-the-word about what constitutes effective assessment. Firstly, I’ll start by attempting to summarise the book, then I will talk about how primary schools might implement the recommendations and how this could link to Daisy’s exciting vision of a grander scheme.

Here’s that summary I mentioned earlier:

  • Ch. 1 AfL hasn’t transformed schools: Daisy describes the importance of knowing the difference between teaching generic skills and teaching knowledge with more specific skills. Formative and summative assessment look pretty similar for the former teaching method (for example, practising problem solving in order to solve a plethora of problems), but very different for the latter (eg. learning and practising short multiplication in order to solve multiplication problems).
  • Ch 2 Curriculum aims and…

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