High expectations – what they look like in my classroom


I regularly waffle on about ‘high expectations’ yet don’t define what I mean. This blog will attempt to explain how you might see it in my classroom. It’s a long list.

Firstly, I need to make it clear that high expectations at key stage 3 is not starting GCSE in year 7 nor is it getting them to do ‘more work’.

I think the following shows how I have high expectations in my classroom:

Learning behaviours

  • If I ask the class to do something, everyone in the class should do it, if not this will be pointed out to the individual
  • I expect them to have independence. All classes make notes and as a minimum make the notes I tell them. Most will write over and above.
  • I expect students to behave, if not they are choosing to have the sanction as set by the school policy. I give them…

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