What’s the Point of English?


What follows is a conversation between me and two year 11 students at school. It happened during a weekly lunchtime intervention session, where we feed the students tea, toast, and sandwiches. We also talk about their progress and help them plan their revision and study time.

This conversation was about the ‘point’ of English. I’ve repeated the convesartion below, as best as I can remember it. I’ve been reluctant to write it for several reasons. Mostly, for fear. Fear of sounding egotistical and self-indulgent, arrogant even. It’s probably the first time that I’ve ever properly been able to answer that question though, the one we might get asked all the time: What is the point of English?

One: No offence sir, but I don’t really like English.

Two: No, me neither, sorry!

Sir: That’s ok. I know you can’t like everything. More importantly, how do you think you’re getting on in English?

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