Scrap Coursework

The Grumpy Teacher

Once upon a time, long long ago, I was in one of those interminable staff meetings which too often waste teachers’ time at the beginning of term.

“No pupil,” announced the Head Master, “is to hand in coursework which is not of at least an A grade standard.”

This provoked some discreet raised eyebrows. Later, in the department meeting which followed, it was confirmed, mostly I think for my benefit, for I was in my first year of teaching, that this was indeed the Head Master’s way of telling his staff that we were required to do whatever it took to ensure that our charges’ coursework was to be the best that it could possibly be.

There was, in truth, very little in the way of overt and undeniable cheating. Pupils would not have answers dictated to them. In the classrooms of younger and more ambitious colleagues there would be…

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