Why knowledge (particularly at primary school) matters

The Quirky Teacher

I have just read E.D Hirsch’s latest offering in one sitting. Just as Peal’s ‘Progressively Worse‘ suddenly opened my eyes and made sense of why I was feeling so instinctively uneasy during my SCITT year, this book has also opened my eyes to the importance of knowledge as the meat-and-two-veg of education, not just because knowledge in and of itself is useful and interesting, but because a ‘well-stocked mind is the skill of skills’. The most shocking realisation for me was that Hirsch, throughout the book, espouses the importance of a knowledge-based curriculum in PRIMARY SCHOOLS, with significant evidence that supports the case for a dramatic move away from child-centred education, particularly for the sake of those disadvantaged children. I was actually under the impression, judging from the popularity of the book among those associated with secondary education, that it was written about the importance of knowledge in general, or just in…

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