The curious world of ‘productive pedagogies’

Filling the pail

I have come across the literature on ‘productive pedagogies’ before and I have even referred to it as an example of the kinds of beliefsthat are mainstream in education. For example, one productive pedagogies research paper contrasts ‘higher-order thinking’ with ‘lower-order thinking’ with the latter occurring when:

“…students were simply asked to receive or recite factual information or to employ rules and algorithms in repetitive routines. In such instances students were given pre-specified knowledge, ranging from simple facts and information to more complex concepts. Often this involves knowledge being conveyed to students through readings, worksheets, lectures or another direct teaching medium.”

I intended to leave the matter there but I found myself in discussion with an Australian teacher educator on Twitter who cited productive pedagogies as his framework for effective teaching. That’s serious. Stating that it is a framework for ‘effective’ teaching is atestable claim about cause-and-effect. So let’s…

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