What’s the most important part of a lesson?

A Chemical Orthodoxy

I remember on my PGCE being presented with the following quote on a lecture slide:

“Students learn more in the last 5 minutes of lesson than they did in the first 55”

It was from some educationalist who I had never heard of then and can’t remember now. I bought it hook, line and sinker. I spent a lot of time planning mini-plenaries throughout my early career; these, surely, were the most important parts of my lesson.

I don’t agree with this anymore. I have quite a lot of reasons, and a few of them are below. But it shows that we do tend to think that different parts of the lesson are more or less important than others, even if by “important” we only mean “what I spend most of my time and mental faculties preparing.”

I had a TLR last year, but this year I have an incredibly…

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