The Bad Old Days 


This poll was put on Twitter today.

To say it caused outrage is an understatement. Comments kept coming in about weekly book looks, observations and planning scrutiny. Some were acceptable and concentrated on developing teaching and learning, working with teachers to improve practice. Others however, were draconian, with planning having to be handed in to SLT in advance, weekly/monthly full observations, weekly book scrutinies etc etc etc.

As Sue Cowley (@Sue_Cowley) put it, “If you recruit someone, but then don’t trust them to do the job you recruited them for, I would worry about your recruitment procedures. Offering someone a job is offering them your trust. If you think they need support, it becomes your responsibility when you employ them”. Sue also struggled with the reasons behind teachers having to hand in planning to SLT before teaching them.

I am in absolute agreement with Sue on this one. I have…

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