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A Chemical Orthodoxy

This is one for the scientists..
I haven’t been teaching long. But any chemistry teacher worth their salt has taught GCSE bonding a shed load of times. The first time I was observed by my University tutor during my PGCE was a lesson on bonding (it was a disaster if you’re interested). I must have taught the same lessons in the same order about 15 times by now.

This year, with my Year 11’s (old spec AQA) I did the exact same thing. Start with atomic structure. Move on to ion formation. Ionic bonding, structure and properties. Then covalent bonding, structure and properties. Within covalent structures there are two main types; “simple molecules” then “giant covalent,” taught in that order. Every scheme of work and textbook I have seen teaches in that order, simple molecules then giant covalent.

This year’s lesson with the year 11’s went exactly the same as…

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