Audaces fortuna iuvat- making the move to the Inspiration Trust

Summer Turner

In many ways this blog is evidence of the journey I have taken in my thinking about education. It has been, both the means for and the evidence of, my attempts to intellectually grasp what it means to teach and to lead, and what it means to be a great school. Over the years I have begun to formalise some key principles to hang these thoughts upon.

  1. A school’s ultimate purpose is to transmit powerful knowledge
  2. A knowledge rich curriculum should be at the core of all schools
  3. School leaders should be experts in curriculum and assessment
  4. All pupils are deserving of an academic education
  5. Teaching should be an intellectual profession
  6. Rigorous, thoughtful and subject-specific CPD is central to a great school

I have been fortunate in my career, to have been given the freedom and opportunity to develop in a way that has allowed me to form these principles…

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