When even the adults wait for mysterious ‘fun’ to happen, what hope is there for children?

The Quirky Teacher

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this as well, but the popularity of Facebook seems to be trailing off a little bit. I noticed one acquaintance of mine hadn’t posted in ages, so I asked what had changed. It turns out that she had decided to only use Facebook to check whether she had been tagged or had notifications, rather than actually post anything herself or generally log in to catch up on people’s news. Apparently, this method of using social media was saving masses of time for her and besides, Facebook seemed to be losing its appeal these days.

For me, Facebook is a simple way to catch up on the news of friends near and far, but I do appreciate that it is ‘friendship-lite’ and that I need to make more effort than simply ‘liking’ something every now and then. However, I don’t view it as some mysterious entity…

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