The Obligatory Michaela Post

Scenes From The Battleground

I visited Michaela Community School today.

Traditionally, posts about visits to the school tend to say:

  1. It was like no other school;
  2. The behaviour is the best ever;
  3. There are routines for everything;
  4. The levels of achievement are unprecedented;
  5. The pedagogy was new and exciting.

In a way it didn’t really live up to that for me. And I don’t mean that as a criticism, I just think the great things about the school are not so exotic or different. I think that much of what they do can be seen in schools up and down the country; I just think that few of those schools are state comprehensives.

I worked for a couple of terms at a selective, independent school and also a term in a girls grammar school. The behaviour  at those schools was just as good and the achievement probably better (although given I’m talking about highly…

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