Talking (a thread)

There is nothing wrong with just telling students the information they need. Talk to them.

It’s efficient, avoids misconceptions, and actually promotes further discussion.

(It also helps to develop our own ability to explain, which is still something which is sorely lacking in training.)

Teachers do need, however, to be able to talk effectively: a lecture can be boring, whatever the content.

Whilst a subject should be able to carry itself, poor exposition can kill it.

I have read that those who can’t talk need to use lots of activities. This is a bullshit excuse.

Those who can’t talk need to learn to talk, not waste time navigating Spaghetti Junction with their learner drivers.

Talking well is an art, and as such needs both exposure to great orators as well as deliberate practice.

There are rhetorical tricks we can all use.

I repeatedly tell students how interesting real wage…

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