Science Knowledge Organisers

A Chemical Orthodoxy

All the cool kids seem to be making knowledge organisers. So I thought I would have a crack at making one myself.

The idea for knowledge organisers started with Joe Kirby’s blog on the topic (Olivia Dyer’s science ones can be found here). I know that mine doesn’t really look like theirs and I’ve tried to explain why below.


PDF version: covalent-bonding

There’s been a lot of discussion about them online and I’ve summarised some of the pros and cons that I’ve seen bandied around:


Gives the students “meticulous” detail of what they need to know
Regular use + quizzing aids retrieval practice
Excellent for student revision
Any visitors to the class can quickly and easily see what students are learning and how that fits in the medium term
New teachers can easily work out what they need to teach

Cons (1):

Very dry
Can lead to the…

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