Reads of 2016

The Architects of Fate


Ouroboros by Greg Ashman [not pictured]

If you want to buy this book, you will have to go to Greg’s site and purchase it. You will no longer find this book on Amazon and it is not in print. In short, Greg – a teacher and a PhD candidate living in Australia – wrote this and published it on his own. It’s cheap, but really worth a read. Don’t let the cost lead you into thinking that what you are getting is a low quality, self-published book.

I want to start from this premise: I do not agree with everything the author writes. In fact, when I first encountered his blog, I engaged it with a sense of hostility (without trolling). While my attitude has changed (I’m now hostile to ‘Trendy Teaching’ – more on this below), I still find myself disagreeing with some of Ashman’s blog…

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