Plundering teachers’ personal accounts? – a call for sensitive school leadership



As a teacher you are expected to discharge all duties which relate to the planning, delivery and assessment of children’s learning. Some of these duties take place during face to face sessions with the children and these make up the “contact hours” in a teacher’s contract. Additionally, since 2005, teachers receive 10% of their contact time for Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA). In secondary schools this is given in the form of free lessons, in which the teacher cannot be asked to undertake other duties (cover for absent colleagues etc) but is usually required to be on site.

A school marking policy might state that a student’s book or work must be assessed after every 6 hours of contact time. This means the assessment of around 100 books or scripts each week (ignoring examination weeks during which there may be less class contact time, but every child’s script must be marked)…

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