Why a misbehaving student should not be sent to another teacher


This is a common part of a school’s behaviour system; if a child is misbehaving in class, they’re sent to another colleague to work.

I personally think it is a weak system. Here’s why….

Sending them to another teacher that has a class

  1. If a child’s behaviour isn’t good enough in one class and they’re sent to another teacher, they may go on to misbehave. They’ve potentially disrupted 60 children’s learning in one period.
  2. Depending on the teacher they’re sent to will depend on the outcome. Staff that struggle with behaviour management that get sent a student from somewhere else will struggle. Consequently, those staff with strong behaviour management may get more than the fair share
  3. The teacher will have to constantly check a student, that will probably be doing different work, is getting on, thus distracting from their own class.
  4. Students are inquisitive. They ask why that student has…

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