Reconsider and Compromise: real pragmatists do not ignore disagreement

Clio et cetera

I really do understand why people get so frustrated by the idea that there exists a never-ending conflict between two broad philosophies of education, namely ‘traditionalism’ and ‘progressivism’. Some – perhaps rightly – believe that this can distract us from the day-to-day task of teaching children. Others – almost certainly correctly – comment that all is not black and white, and that any given individual teacher is likely to have a range of views which may not cohere to some ‘pure’ notion of traditionalism or progressivism.

For philosophies are necessarily generalisations. We see this all the time in politics. I define myself as a social liberal, and, in terms of party politics, I am a lifelong Liberal Democrat voter: I tend to find myself most commonly in agreement with other people who also define themselves as social liberals, and I tend to concur with the political views of other people…

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