The ‘O’ word (no, not Ofsted)

There is one word which, it seems, is becoming the yardstick of educational philosophies. It’s a word which divides many, one which runs up the flagpole with vim, only to be ripped down and burned and stamped upon by its detractors; it is the nail, the colours and the mast. It is, of course, ‘outside’.

Some argue that children need to be outside, whilst others opine the potential dangers of fresh air and greenery. The arguments go something like this.

Those for the ‘O’ word are certain that children require experience of the outside world in order to better understand, and practise being part of, society at large, and that the parameters of the outside presented at school help develop a greater respect for the outside and all it has to offer. In being outside, these Bloods argue, children better learn both how to stay safe and how to appropriately…

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