I recently read an advert from a driver looking to install a new collision avoidance system into her Volkswagen. She wanted, it seems, to protect herself further against potential crashes. She has all the usual gubbins but, for some reason, greedily craves more.

And I am furious about it.

In the advert she said this: Crashes and scrapes are part of life when it comes to city driving. I’m looking for someone to install a collision avoidance system so that I can better protect myself and other drivers from all potentialities. 

Now, doesn’t this seem a bit aggressive? Is she deliberately crashing and scraping into people? Maybe the DLVA should look into it. I’m not suggesting there’s anything untoward – I’m just asking questions – but it does strike me as odd. 🤔

The other thing I noticed about this advert was that she wants to protect herself. Well, what…

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