Why I’m leaning towards NASUWT


When I started teaching I never thought I would have need of union. In my head, I associated the unions with British Leyland, Arthur Scargill and a 1970s world of wildcat strikes. So when it came to signing up to a union, I rejected the militant NUT with horror. I believed then and still do believe that a strike should be the very last resort. Moreover, the NUT tended to reflect the views of primary teachers and while there were obvious common interests, I found it irritating to listen to primary teachers complaining about the newly introduced SATs – why should my primary colleagues escape accountability measures which secondary teachers had had for years in the form of public examinations? I therefore joined AMMA, as ATL was known then, as I felt it was moderate, sensible and less primary biased. I found union support invaluable after enduring excessive and unnecessary unannounced…

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