Battle Hymn of the Tiger Teachers – a review, Towards a New Paradigm

Quodcumque - Serious Christianity


Sometime between October and December 1984, the first term of my four year B.Ed. in Winchester, I discovered a bookshop, October Books in Southampton. In those heady days every major city had a radical, progressive, socialist bookshop. Before Facebook and Twitter it was the way to meet like-minded people and find out how to join the revolution. Amazingly October Books, unlike most of their kind,  is still functioning. Over the following six years it was to become a home from home for me. But one book I bought in that first term has stuck with me. Teaching As A Subversive Activity  (TAASA) by Neil Postman and Charles Weingartner. (It is available as a PDF here.) I don’t especially recommend reading it. It is important to me in an iconic kind of way (I even talk about ‘priesthood as a subversive activity’) and I have spoken of it on…

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