Teaching Practical Skills: Are We Wasting our Time? Part – 6

A Chemical Orthodoxy

I have a pet hate. In truth I have quite a few pet hates but this one is a biggy. I hate it, I really hate it, when people who aren’t teachers tell us what we need to teach, and how we should teach it. It just drives me bananas. It doesn’t matter whether the person is an actor, business leader or Nobel Prize winner. Just leave me alone, yeah?

So when the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) urge that we aren’t producing school leaders with “business and customer awareness” I couldn’t really care less.  When the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence tell us we should be teaching children how to brush their teeth, the I-care-about-this switch in my brain remains resolutely “off.” When the Royal Society of Chemistry or the Wellcome Trust (1) tell me I need to do more science practicals so that students leave school…

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