Learning to learn: am I changing my mind?

Clio et cetera

A few years ago I chortled away at the idea of learning to learn. My colleagues and I sat sullenly through training sessions as we were taught how to get our pupils to ‘learn how to learn’. We cringed at the sorts of activities we were expected to do that constituted early-2000s learning to learn. We picked apart the logical inconsistencies inherent in the models we were being given (is thinking about metacognition meta-meta-cognition??). We suggested that the time spent off timetable ‘learning how to learn’ could perhaps better be employed learning things. And yet, a few weeks ago, I found myself giving an assembly to a hundred Year 12 students on how best to learn. Have I changed my mind?

To be clear, I still think pretty much everything that was bundled under early-2000s learning-to-learn was hopeless. It generally consisted of vague ideas that were mostly about getting pupils…

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