Resilience can be fostered, but not taught (in one PSHE lesson)

The Quirky Teacher

Yesterday I was concerned to see this pop up in my timeline:


It refers to a program in which Sir Anthony Seldon,  former headmaster of Wellington College, states that schools should effectively be bringing children up rather than just giving them an academic education and this includes aspects of character formation. I am concerned that this rhetoric is misinterpreted by those in the state sector in particular and that they think that certain character traits such as the fashionable ‘resilience’ can be taught and measured, or perhaps inserted as a success criteria or learning objectives alongside or instead of teaching an aspect of history for example? I am also worried that state educators cherry pick what seems to be the little extras in private school and assume they are the reason the privately educated young person ends up more ‘resilient’.

(Usual disclaimer needed these days because twitterati seem to think all writing promotes…

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