We Teach Too Many Lessons

The Traditional Teacher

Image result for confusionIf you want to get really good at something, you need to practise it repeatedly. This is commonly accepted in sports and drama, but often ignored in the academic curriculum, where ideas about creativity and independence are wrongly interpreted to mean that drill and practice will somehow hold back the intellectual development of pupils.

Drill and practice are absolutely essential for fluency, however, and this applies to teachers as well as pupils. Fluency of teaching cannot be achieved without repetition, any more than pupils can achieve fluency in any academic subject without repetition. But how often do teachers get to repeat lessons? Often, teachers will only deliver a lesson once a year, and it is one among hundreds. By the time they come round to teaching it again, too much time has lapsed for them to remember and apply the lessons learned and fine tune the delivery. And there is…

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About Anthony Radice

An English teacher of English in England.
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