Overview – 0 – Mental Models for Education

...to the real.

Decision making is tough.  We are riddled with cognitive biases, from action bias to the halo effect and sunken cost fallacy.  They seem contrived only to make us terrible decision makers.

Teachers, HoDs, Heads, all need to make decisions.

Shall I tick ‘n flick those books?  Or write comments?  Or do neither and go to bed?

Should the department invest most of Year 7 studying number, or dedicate equal time to geometry, algebra and stats?  Shall we study Skellig, or Oliver Twist?

Should I implement that new initiative, or not?  Should I spend money on one experienced hire, three trainee teachers, or four teaching assistants?

Mental models: you could call them strategies, or lenses, or filters, or heuristics – whatever you call them, they are simple tools designed to aid decision making.  As I moved through the last five years in education there were times I desperately wished some mental models I’d…

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