Effort:Impact Ratio – 1 – Mental Models for Education

...to the real.

6 years ago Joe Kirby decided to leave a lucrative career working for a social venture capital fund, take a massive pay cut, and join Teach First.

As we talked about how we were going spend the year nervously preparing for what was to come, Joe talked about the use of ratios in finance to build a rough picture of what is happening with an investment, good enough to make reasonable decisions from.

He proposed three possible ratios that might serve a similar function for us in teaching.  One, I can no longer recall.  Another, was equally the brain child of Doug Lemov, and found its way into Teach Like a Champion literally called ‘Ratio.’  This was the teacher:pupil work ratio, which is reasonably common in education.

For me, though, the most enduring and powerful of the three ratios Joe proposed was effort:impact.

The idea is simple: teachers should…

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