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At a past Michaela debate I heard Peter Hyman describe a desire for education ‘…with a smile, not a SLANT.’  The implication was not only, bizarrely, that the two are mutually exclusive (Bright Face is another technique taken from Lemov’s Teach Like a Champion) but that ‘SLANT’ is somehow not desirable.


The acronym stands for Sit up straight, Listen, Ask and answer questions, Nod your head, and Track the speaker.

It’s largely a ‘child’s guide to active listening.’

…super hard to wrap my head around what’s egregious about this.

In my experience, some of these, like ‘nod your head,’ tend to fall away quite quickly, and SLANT becomes more of a shorthand for how you expect pupils to sit: straight backed, eyes on the teacher, and with hands interlocked, or arms folded.

This last part’s the interesting bit.

If you struggle to…

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