Against genericism: a response to Steve Turnbull

Clio et cetera

This post needs to be read after reading Steve Turnbull’s critique of this blogpost. It is addressed directly to Steve.


I should like to begin by thanking you for taking the time to write a detailed critique: it is rather pleasant to read such a thorough analysis rather than the hopelessly truncated form that we are use to receiving in Twitter and in blog comments. I should also like to thank you for inviting me to respond in a spirit of open debate, and I hope that my comments here are taken in this manner.

You helpfully set out a summary of my argument, which is very useful for seeing where my position has been misinterpreted, either through poor phrasing or clarity on my part, or because your own intellectual baggage differs from mine in such a way that you interpret my meaning differently. There are a number…

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