Google can help but it needs your knowledge before it can 

A Roller In The Ocean

I’ve just written a blog in which I talked about being taught to paint. As the artist was a crucial part of that blog, I wanted to use his name in the blog but I couldn’t for the life of me remember what that was. So, I decided to use my 21st century skills (!!) and fired up Google. And then I was stuck! The search terms I used didn’t bring up the information I needed. “Family events at National Gallery” brought up events happening now, not the ones from years ago. Similarly, searching for “Artist in residence National Gallery” was of no help either. I thought to myself that this was silly; I should try and remember what I know of this artist and then, maybe, Google would be able to throw up his name. So, what knowledge did I have of this artist?

1. I knew he was…

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