E D Hirsch Jr’s article on why specific knowledge matters

Filling the pail

At the start of December, the Times Educational Supplement (TES) in London published an article by E D Hirsch Jr. the article was linked to Hirsch’s new book, “Why Knowledge Matters,” which I encourage you to read.

The piece is paywalled but the TES produced a teaser which caused a stir because this teaser claimed that Hirsch suggests mainstream science does not support the use of direct instruction. I am a promoter of both Hirsch’s ideas and direct instruction (which I tend to refer to as ‘explicit instruction’). Had I, and others with similar views, been made to look a little silly?

When I read the article itself, I wasn’t clear that Hirsch’s comments supported the line in the teaser.

One explanation which is consistent with Hirsch’s book is that the statements that he makes about Direct Instruction refer to specific literacy programs developed by Engelmann and colleagues…

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