Howard Gardner on his ‘multiple intelligences’: the theory is no longer current!

From experience to meaning...

Howard Gardner was asked to reply to this question “Reflecting on your life, what has been your greatest accomplishment so far and why?” His reply – a short essay – can be read here.

A first interesting quote:

I termed the resulting categories “intelligences” rather than talents. In so doing I challenged those psychologists who believed that they owned the word “intelligence” and had a monopoly on its definition and measurement. If I had written about human talents, rather than intelligences, I probably would not have been asked to contribute to this volume.

I do understand this reasoning, but as we already discussed on this blog and in our book: the name intelligence includes a predictive element, while MI doesn’t.

Another interesting quote:

Nor, indeed, have I carried out experiments designed to test the theory. This has led some critics to declare that my theory is not empirical…

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