How I taught Y11 today

A tiny class of eighteen with hugely varying ‘abilities’ and behaviours, this group has come a really long way over the last year. They’re the class who don’t speak, often staying silent bar two boys; one, a nailed on A*, the other an argumentative young man who once told me to “get [my] head out of [my] fucking arsehole.” I feel, recently, as if we’ve had a breakthrough, and whilst I’m careful to not ascribe one particular thing to this, I do think that there’s a consistency of approach, if you like, which has helped with this. I’ve deliberately played the long-game with them, which is a little risky when you pick up a class in Y10, but it seems to now be paying dividends.

Anyway, here’s what we did today. It’s not really that different to any other day, but over time they’ve had some success with it.

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