The knowledge party in my head

Clio et cetera

When I was in Year 7, my maths teacher got us to calculate the number of possible unique handshakes in a group of people. We learnt that the number of handshakes in a group could be modelled by the formula h = n/2 * (n-1) where h is the number of handshakes and n the number of people. Two people can have one handshake; 30 people can have 435 handshakes; 68 people can have 2278 handshakes. I remember the latter as that was what we were expected to work out!

In my mind, this is how knowledge works in classrooms.

Imagine Jon Snow. He knows nothing, and there are therefore no possible links between the things he knows. And if he knows just one thing, then there are still no links. Once he knows two things, there can be one link, but for that link to mean very much, the…

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