Initiate and then move on…


This post is a response from a tweet by @C_Hendrick about the impact of constant change on teacher workload. Having been teaching in the UK for nearly 25 years, I have seen plenty of initiatives come and go.

Anyone who questions change runs the risk of being called a Luddite, so I think it is necessary to state that there will, of course, always be change. There are technological advances. There are changes which are needed to fix something which is broken. There are also changes which genuinely yield positive results.

However, the introduction of performance management (Gove’s biggest mistake, which is why I cannot endorse him as a great education secretary, even if I agree with him on curriculum matters), has led to a different sort of change, roughly translating as “initiativitis”. The sequence of events seems to go something like this:

Teacher: I want to move up the…

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Full time teacher for over 30 years - last 9 years as Head of Department. Broadly traditional - I support the idea of core knowledge - but disagree with scripted lessons! All views my own
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