Lessons from the past

A Roller In The Ocean

The girls

The girls got ready to go to school. They packed their bags, donned their burqas, stepped outside the house and started walking towards the school. Two men were stood by the roadside chatting. One of them noticed the girls walking past and turned to his companion. “Who are these girls who are going to school?” His companion knew the owner of the house he had seen them come out. He told his friend the father’s name (who was a well known gentleman in those parts). His companion was incredulous. He shook his head and said,”No, can’t be! He can’t be sending his daughters to school!” You see, this was India in the early 1900s when it was very rare for girls to venture out of the house, much less go to school.

The boys

Fast forward a few years. Place is still British India. This is now about…

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