Are you brave enough to ditch data? The battle of Data, Ofsted and Research 


There are still many leaders in schools that regularly reference Ofsted to justify what they do. However, many brave leaders have the experience and confidence to do things because they believe they are what is best for students and their learning. Examples are stopping lesson observation grading, stopping the expectation of showing progress in 20 minutes during a lesson and ceasing excessive marking strategies. Many of these have been debunked or lack support from research.

However, there is one practice that very few leaders will drop, for which the research is ignored; data.

In this blog the data I will be referring to is grades, levels, marks and percentages; classroom level data.

How many leaders would be brave enough to submit a blank spreadsheet to Ofsted or as a minimum keystage 2 data and key stage 4 outcomes?

a blank spreadsheet

I tell my students that only one grade really…

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